My father build everything himself. Wrecked cars, Tape recorders, Furniture, Production machines.


As a kid I was always watching and assisting him. Handing him the tools before he realized he needed them.


I myself was always changing things to make them better or just change them.

This started with my Loudspeakers, Bicycle.

Out of curiosity, opening all the electric equipment when my parents were not at home.


Later building Cars, music systems and in my professional career I also have built new machines from scratch.




I worked 10 years in very different jobs. 

Mechanical machine building, Electrics, Super computers, Horticulture computers and equipment and at last I worked as an all-round technician in several cookie bakery’s .


The thing I liked at that time was control systems and PLC’s


In 1993 I started Beuk engineering.


I owned just a Honda Civic and a toolbox. I started in the very small bicycle barn behind my house. 

Thru the right contacts I soon had a order for 24 control systems.

This allowed me to buy a used van and rented a workshop.



Busyness was good and 7 years later when I came home exhausted, my wife said:

Yes Walt, and this for the rest of your career.


Then I decided that it was time for the first employee.

 After this, Beuk engineering took off.



We've grown every year and made control systems that were used

 all over the world.






After 25 jears, in the end of 2016, I sold Beuk engineering to the Biesheuvel-groep. 


They looked for a MCA establishment in the west of the Netherlands.


I continued to work there until September 2018.


1 October 2018: I took off with Beuk Tech Support


With all of my knowledge I want to help other entrepreneurs with their technical challenges and work on small projects in my workshop like Campers en Boats.